With the advent of the twentieth century, the end of Victorianism, and the entrance into a World War, a profound shift occurred in American fiction. This class will examine the form of the literary short story as it evolved through modernism, the Harlem Renaissance, social realism, the mid-century Southern Gothic, postmodernism, minimalism, and more. Readings will focus on complete, stand-alone collections of short stories. Relevant criticism and secondary materials will also be required course readings.

Students will be required to make two brief research presentations to the class. Assigned writing includes one shorter essay (5-7 pages) and a longer, research-based essay (15-20 pages).

This course provides a concentrated examination of a vital and influential literary form in American literature. It provides a wide range of authors from varying ethnic backgrounds, writing in a single genre. The work will be put into a critical context. Students will practice and demonstrate oral reports, literary research, and scholarly writing at the graduate level in the Tunghai University FLLD M.A. in Literature program.